San Felipe Circa 1982

Our excuse to be in San Felipe was to attend Hobie Cat’s Midwinters West Regatta. With the exception of a 30-minute chubasco, the weather was perfect. This photo was taken from Highway 5, Camino del Sur, south of town, before there were houses in the area. Here’s what a near-by location looks like in 2009 in Google Street View.

San Felipe Circa 1982

25 Pages From the 1985 Radio Shack Catalog

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Radio Shack is slipping off the raft; it’s taking its final breaths. To eulogize, here are 25 pages from the 1985 Radio Shack catalog with all kinds of electronic, geeky goodies: Beta VCRs, open-reel and 8-track tape, computers and peripherals, and vacuum tubes. All branded Radio Shack, Realistic, Tandy or Archer, and all guaranteed to […]

Nineteen Photos of Roads

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Driving North in Baja After the Mil

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The race is over, fun is through, and now’s the time to drive north to where it’s dark and cold. But we first have to take a detour to Bahia Agua Verde – a popular and safe anchorage only a day’s sail north of La Paz. The road starts out paved, but then turns to […]

Baja 1000: COPS Prerun and Race

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For the purpose of the Baja 1000 Off Road Race, COPS Racing divided the peninsula into thirds, to best manage crew and logistics. Our section of the course was the lower third, between Loreto and the finish at La Paz. During the race, our job was to hang out close to some nasty silt beds […]

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