Death Valley, Eureka Dunes, Steel Pass, Saline Valley Rd.

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On Friday afternoon we met friends Dave and Irene, George and Vince, and Bob at the Eureka Dunes in Death Valley. The dunes are the second highest in North America, but that wasn’t why we were there. The plan was to drive  up thru Steel Pass, stop to visit the Warm Springs, then exit the […]

Video: Death Valley, Eureka Dunes, Steel Pass, Saline Valley Rd.

Starting at the Eureka Dunes in Death Valley, we drove through Steel Pass and out of the park on Saline Valley Rd., stopping briefly to see naked people. Saline Valley Road had been recently trashed by heavy rains, transforming it from a smooth, graded dirt road, into a genuine 4×4 experience. A seriously fun weekend.

The Road to Coyote Flats

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For the day, Steve and I rode our dirt bikes from just outside Bishop, into the High Sierras, to Coyote Creek, Coyote Flats and Coyote Ridge – anything “coyote.” I’d driven to Coyote Flats several times, and it turns out that riding a dirt bike is much faster and easier – the bumps in the […]

Driving up McGee Mountain

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Carol was flying from Mammoth to LA for the day, so Steve and I decided to take advantage of her missing the discomfort of high elevations and big drop-offs, by driving to the top of McGee Mountain. We made it to just shy of the summit at 10,866′. The road was narrow, steep, and full […]

COPS Racing in the BITD Vegas to Reno

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The COPS Racing Team ran two cars in the Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno Off Road Race. The Class 1 ran a nearly flawless 500 mile race, but the Class 10 DNF’d after colliding with an overturned car early in the race. No COPS team members were injured in the accident.

Bodie Ghost Town

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Bodie  became a California State Historic Park in 1962, and is preserved in a state of arrested decay. Only a small part of the town survived, with about 110 structures still standing, including one of many once-operational gold mills. We wandered the deserted streets of town, occasionally peeking inside building – interiors remain as they […]

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