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Doing Time on The Rock, See?

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With apologies to Edward G. Robinson.

Death Valley, Eureka Dunes, Steel Pass, Saline Valley Rd.

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On Friday afternoon we met friends Dave and Irene, George and Vince, and Bob at the Eureka Dunes in Death Valley. The dunes are the second highest in North America, but that wasn’t why we were there. The plan was to driveĀ  up thru Steel Pass, stop to visit the Warm Springs, then exit the […]

Video: Death Valley, Eureka Dunes, Steel Pass, Saline Valley Rd.

Starting at the Eureka Dunes in Death Valley, we drove through Steel Pass and out of the park on Saline Valley Rd., stopping briefly to see naked people. Saline Valley Road had been recently trashed by heavy rains, transforming it from a smooth, graded dirt road, into a genuine 4×4 experience. A seriously fun weekend.

Telescope Peak

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Five of us hiked to the top of Telescope Peak in Death Valley National Park, the highest point in the park. From the top, you can see Mt. Whitney to the north, and Charleston Peak near Las Vegas, to the east. Telescope Peak is also notable for having one of the greatest vertical rises above […]

Toroweap: North Rim of the Grand Canyon

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Carol and I visited Toroweap on the way home from a summer trip to Colorado. Toroweap is on the north rim of the Grand Canyon on the Arizona Strip. The road to the rim of The Canyon is 50+ miles of dirt and silt, finished off with lots of rocks the last few miles. There’s […]