Laurel Lakes

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Carol and I were taking a day off from mountain biking and decided to travel up the 4×4 road to Laurel Lakes – two lakes at 10,000′ in the Sierras. The road stair-stepped up the moraine near the bottom, then once the road began to parallel Laurel Creek, it got narrow and rocky. Several of […]

Cerro Gordo and the Salt Tram

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On the way to Mammoth, Carol and I decided to take a detour to the old silver mining town of Cerro Gordo in the Inyo Mountains. After that, we took a 4×4 road to visit the Salt Tram Crossover Station, then drop down the mountain to the town of Swansea, on the eastern shore of […]

Spectating the Mil at Coco’s/Checkpoint 3

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The plan: Steve and I would ride dirt bikes along the beach from San Felipe to Puertocitos, while being chased by Carol, Michael T., and Matt in trucks. Once in Puertocitos, we’d load up the bikes and all drive to Coco’s Corner to spectate the Baja 1000 — about 100 miles of dirt road.

Mountain Biking Crested Butte

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This year’s Moab Trip took us to Crested Butte, Gunnison and Fruita Colorado, providing some of the best mountain biking on the planet. Eric and John came from the east coast; the rest of us drove from SoCal. These photos are from the Crested Butte portion of the trip – all high-elevation riding which had […]

License Plates and a Sign from the AIBF

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Sure, anyone can show scenic balloon photos from the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival, but what about the license plates on the cars used to haul the balloons while they’re on terra firma? Here’s a small collection of those unspoken heroes from the 1998 Balloon Festival, plus one rogue sign.

“Tough Guys” in Taylor Yard

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In circa Spring 1986 I was employed as a Locomotive Engineer for the Southern Pacific Railroad, based out of Taylor Yard in Glendale. One day I got called from the Engineer’s Extra Board to work as a Fireman on a “Hollywood Train” in Taylor’s Reefer Yard for the filming of the Touchstone movie, Tough Guys. […]

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