Sequoia National Forest and Sherman Pass

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We spent a secluded weekend at Rodeo Flats in the Sequoia National Forest, at the southern tip of the Sierra Nevadas. As a fun side trip, we took the Sherman Pass Road from Kennedy Meadow Road, down to the Kern River. The scenic road is remote, 4×4, fun, and after cresting at 9,200′, drops rather […]

Toroweap: North Rim of the Grand Canyon

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Carol and I visited Toroweap on the way home from a summer trip to Colorado. Toroweap is on the north rim of the Grand Canyon on the Arizona Strip. The road to the rim of The Canyon is 50+ miles of dirt and silt, finished off with lots of rocks the last few miles. There’s […]

Why Utah Sucks

We really like Utah – the people are awesome, the mountain biking is off-the-charts, and it has some of the best earth on show. But when it comes to beer, remember to bring your own from home or a neighboring state. You’ve been forewarned.


Saguaro National Park

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Carol and I were lucky enough to spend a few days hiking and wandering around Saguaro National Park, a park bisected by Tucson. The weather was great, but it was later in the season, so most of the tourists and snowbirds had retreated. After exploring the park, we headed south and visited the Mission San […]

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